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ed document, quoting the prayer-book of Edward VI. in support of their pastor, according to their pastor’s interpretati

on of it at his Wednesday lectures on the history of the English Church.

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Cuthbert Silverdale was not unaware of the emotion which he had roused in so many female breasts, and it is impossible to acquit him of a sort of clerical complacen

cy in the knowledge that so many young ladies gazed and ga

he effect


d called them ‘dear girls’ two or three at a time, finding safety perhaps in numbers, and not wishing to encourage false hopes. He was an inco

rrigible if an innocent flirt; a licensed lap-dog practising familiarities which, if indulged in by the ordinary layman, would assuredly have led to kickings. In some curious manner he quite suc

n the matt

ceeded in deceiving himself as to the propriety of those affectionate demonstrations, and considered himself a sort of brother to all those youn

g ladies, who worked for him with the industry (and more than the excitement) of devoted sisters. To do him justice he was just as familiar with the male members of his congregation, and patted



g round-robin, rather sparsely

his boys on the back, and linked his arm in theirs, but it would be idle to contend that he got as much satisfaction out of those male embraces. There was no question, however, ab

, in counterblast to which Ali

out the devotion and strenuousness of his life. His congregation, in spite of the secession of such plain men as Mr Keeling, crammed his church to the doors and spilt into the street

thusiastic young ladies had fo

, and he kindled a religious fervour in the parish, which all the terrors of hell as set forth by his predecessor had been unable to fan into a blaze. In a thoroughly cheap but in a masterly

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